Patrick McDavid

I'm a technology leader in Colorado speaking about serverless computing, team building, devops, and leadership development.

Publishing Jekyll to S3 with GitHub Actions

09 December 2022

Blog’d been kind quiet, yeah? I picked it up to write some stuff and found that my old friend wasn’t really a thing anymore. I used Travis to build and publish this site for many moons really reliably. It was one of the OG continuous integration and deployment sites out there. They went all corporate or something.

So to dodge the corpos, I threw in with Microsoft over at GitHub using their Actions platform to publish this pile of bytes you’re reading.

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Game Dev with Microsoft Makecode Arcade

23 February 2020

My five year old has been taking some online programming classes that teach fundamentals using block programming. He’s using this awesome iPad app ScratchJr that focuses on movement and animation. It has some really neat fundamental concepts and sneaks in some clever stuff like interprocess messaging.

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Recruit the best with Video

12 June 2019

I was very kindly invited to speak at DisurptHR Denver in April on the subject of using video to recruit the excellent talent. Here’s a recording of that talk!

My thesis is simply that you can do better at building relationships, trust and interest with prospects for jobs by sending video messages instead of plain text.

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